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Benivo Research

Welcome in the Workplace

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Benivo Research conducts studies and projects on subjects relevant to our core mission of making every employee welcome when they move for work, irrespective of age, wage or role in an organisation.

Projects are often conducted in partnership with the London Business School community, with industry partners, company volunteers, or with active clients.

Benivo Research focuses on experiences within Fortune 1000 organisations and high volume recruitment programmes.


Active Projects

  • Future of UK Immigration Policy for Early Career Employees: In partnership with Fragomen and with the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change we are helping to collect evidence. that will help shape the new policy. Read more.

  • Employer Brand NPS: What effect does new-hire relocation support have on the Employer Brand NPS (Net Promoter Score) from application to 1 year employed?

  • Employer Location Brand: Can employers influence the reputation/perception of cities where their offices are located to improve recruitment KPIs?

  • Cost of Unsupported Relocations in IT Consultancy: Is there a productivity impact when employees are required to self-manage an unsupported relocation?

  • Impact of Welcome on Retention: What improvements can employers expect to acheive on attrition rates at 3, 6, 9, and 12 month milestones with specific Welcome actions.


Get Involved 

Participating with Benivo Research ranges from light engagements such as facilitating surveys or sharing data sets for analysis, to programmes that trial interventions and test outcomes with your employee community.

If you are interested in these subjects and excited about contributing to advancing the understanding of Welcome in the Workplace, please let us know and we will send you options for how to get involved. 

Get in touch about Benivo Research.

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