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Benivo + RMC

The tech solution for relocating employees, together with your RMC.

Leverage the best of both to serve your program.

Using Benivo in combination with your RMC is a winning strategy. You'll achieve significant cost savings and increase employee experience scores. 

You can purchase Benivo directly or through your RMC. Benivo plugs-in as a solution for all employees or some populations, as you prefer. The RMC consultants assisting your employees have access to the Benivo reporting platform to track employee progress.

Benivo does not manage vendors or offer on the ground services. We do work with all of the vendors performing those services for you to enhance the capabilities of digital support you're offering and centralise access to the right information and support for your employees. 

Some Example Specialties

  • Strategy consulting.
  • Hand-holding support.
  • VIPs.
  • Vendor networks & more.
  • Apps and tech.
  • Digital destinations.
  • Low-cost finance solutions.
  • Workflows & Reporting.


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Save 30-70% on overall costs. Increase employee NPS scores by >50%.


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