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COVID-19 Support Tool



Get your company-branded digital support platform for COVID-19 affected movers.

Go live in 3 days. Customise if desired.

COVID-19 Support Tool - Benivo

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Personalise Support to your Employees Situation

Your employees are affected in different ways if they live alone, with a partner or with their families -- offer them personalised content, guidance and insights. 
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Official safety guidance for any country - in bite-sized briefs

Give your employees official health & safety information from the WHO and the relevant government resources in bite-sized briefs on the phone or laptop.
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Connect to essential resources in the local destination

Recent movers will benefit from easy access to essential resources around town during a lockdown including food delivery, groceries, pharmacies and local rules. 
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Support the unexpected transition to working from home - self-isolated

Making a 100% switch to working from home is a big transition and your employees can benefit from support, emotionally and practically, in a moment that matters. 

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