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The Mobility Management Platform

End-to-end mobility management at your fingertips


The Benivo way

Benivo’s award-winning mobility management tool enables you to seamlessly manage your mobility program on one platform. From generating cost estimates to managing vendor payments, you will be able to complete all actions on your tool.


Your program. Your policy.

Support any policy - Managed Services, Core-Flex, Lump Sum, etc. with an award-winning experience.

Benivo does not charge per customisations, and does not charge implementation fee or API fees. Using our system you will have no hidden charges.

The Mobility Management Tool contains everything you’d expect from your HR tools including workflows, cost estimates, eSignatures, document repository, initiations and much more.

Take Control of your data

Access live reporting at the employee level, and mobility insights to help you make data-driven decisions.

Get real time notifications customized to alert you whenever you need to be notified.


Stop the $20m+ data security risk

Benivo is the only solution on the market to manage Global Mobility Supply Chain Cybersecurity.

Avoid high penalties, negative PR, and a regulation nightmare by making use of our first-of-its-kind solution to eliminate risks.


File management

The file management system allows you to track past and present mobility cases. Benivo can obtain access to your employee database by means of an integration to your HR system, or by csv upload (your Client Success Manager will provide guidance on how to complete the export from your system).


Case initiation

Seamlessly initiate new mobility cases by selecting the assignee from your file management system. Benivo supports manual addition of assignees if they are not in the file management system. The assignee will be automatically added to your Benivo assignee database.


Vendor initiation

Benivo supports initiation to your entire supplier network. If the vendor supports initiation via API the case will be initiated automatically. If the vendor does not support initiation via API Benivo will provide the vendor with a secure platform to access the case details.


Vendor management with real-time data

Use any vendor on the market, or you can use ours.

The Benivo Mobility Management solution collects and processes real-time data, allowing you to:

  1. Identify issues in real-time, before they become escalations
  2. Reduce anxieties and incoming questions from employees with BenivoTrackers: real-time updates on service delivery status from your supplier network
  3. Track performace of your vendors against SLAs


Fintech for Global Mobility

Use Benivo's industry-leading fintech solution to complete fast & accurate payments.

manage your payments. Some applications are:

  1. Fully automated Expense Management (included for free)
  2. PayLater (improves DE&I)
  3. Lump sum payments
  4. Vendor payments (vendors upload invoices to our platform, you pay a single invoice)

The solution includes built-in tax and gross-up calculations.


Generation of signable documentation

Benivo's built-in workflows generate all signable documentation: letter of assignment, assignment extension letter, repatriation agreement etc. The system adds / removes wording to match the assignment conditions, and can support the signature flow that you require. Example of a live use case:

  1. A letter of assignment is generated at the time of case initiation, which is shared with the tax provider.
  2. At the time of travel, the actual letter of assignment is generated and is automatically sent to the host manager for signature.
  3. Once the host manager has signed, the employee receives an order to sign.
  4. Once all recipients have signed, the host manager, the employee and the mobility manager obtain a copy of the signed offer letter.


Last updated: December 29th, 2021