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Introducing the Management Platform

Your one-stop-shop to manage your program


What is the Management Platform?

The Benivo management platform is the tool that our client users utilise to manage their program.

Management platform users will have access to:

  1. Employee initiation to the Benivo experience.
  2. Reporting: Standard and custom reports for Benivo users.
  3. Analytics: Insights into your program.
  4. Document management: Initiation of signable documentation, upload of files that need to be shared with employees & download of files that have been uploaded by employees.
  5. Vendor management: Initiating & managing your supplier network, accessing real-time updates on service delivery & managing payments.

Custom features like coreflex, relocation allowance & expense reimbursement will also be managed in the management platform.


Obtaining access to the Management Platform

Benivo takes data protection and information security very seriously and adheres to GDPR and local data protection regulations. Only client-approved stakeholders have access to the Management Platform, and you can decide which access level your team has. You can define up to 4 access levels, and each level access can be customised to:

  1. Include / exclude reports.
  2. Limit access to employee data. For example, you can set up an access level to have access to data for employees in a given region, business unit, etc.
  3. Include / exclude employee initiation functionality.
  4. Show / hide personal data.

As part of the implementation your Client Success Manager will share a spreadsheet where you can add the details of everyone that needs Management Platform access.


Accessing your Management Platform

Visit this page for the details.


Last updated: December 29th, 2021