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Poor support costs millions.

You lose $8k per employee plus a 33% brand value drop. Here's a new, low-cost approach to helping your IT Project staff relocate to client sites.

Great support no longer requires a big price tag next to it. Benivo brings down the cost, and brings up the quality of experience where it will make the highest impact for you. We work with great companies recruiting and dispatching IT project teams around the world. 

IT project worker

Improve NPS by >50%

Benivo Research and the London Business School community conducted in-depth interviews with over 30 Indian IT engineers having moved to Europe or the UK. We found that companies incur a loss of $8k and 33% brand value decrease per employee when they provide poor relocation support to entry and mid-level employees. 

Further, there is an opportunity to increase the employee experience NPS by 50% or more.

Get a Free Assessment of your processes.

Benchmark your approach to delivering support to your employees outbound to client sites and get a free assessment about opportunity to improve within budget.