Benivo for graduates and interns

Relocation software customised to your company

Save costs and make your job offers stand out

The world’s leading companies trust Benivo for relocating their graduates and interns
Solutions tailored to graduates and interns
Attract top talent from a crowded market

Grab the attention of the most talented graduates and interns in your field, by offering a full relocation package that will set your company apart from the competition.

By showing you are a company that has all bases covered, you will convince the best talent to invest in their future with you.


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Engaged employees from day one

Using social insights provided by current graduates and interns, our onboarding service ensures your relocated employees are settled and educated on all they need to know.

You will have a fully engaged employee, who identifies with your goals, from the moment they arrive.



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Free up valuable time and resources

Our experts save you valuable time, money, and resources by freeing you from the responsibility of relocating employees.

Our affordable and comprehensive service takes care of everything, every time they relocate, allowing you and your employee to focus on what matters.


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Hire Globally: A Manifesto for Junior Mobility

Taking up the habit of increasing your pool of A player candidates.

Are you still hiring locally? You might be missing out on a vast pool of top talen. Widen your search for the best junior employee candidates by hiring globally and offer new hires a smooth relocation experience. 

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