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Employee feedback collection

How does Benivo manage feedback collection?


Benivo feedback collection

Benivo asks employees for feedback across a range of areas to ensure we're delivering the best service possible. Our team follows up with all employees that provide a feedback score of 6 or less. This customer development exercise allows us to focus iterations on what matters most. Scores and notes from all interactions are available to view in real-time on the Management Platform via the ‘Benivo Feedback’ report.



The questions

  1. Overall satisfaction - How satisfied are you with your experience of using Benivo?
  2. PayLater/financial support - How helpful is our financial assistance?
  3. Welcome Gift Experience - How happy are you with receiving a gift experience?
  4. Employer/client NPS - How likely are you to recommend [Client Name] based on your experience with/without Benivo?

For PayLater/financial support, the welcome gift & overall satisfaction, scores are collected from 0 - 10 and a free-text comment box is provided. We report average scores to clients and share the comments.

For Employer/client NPS - We collect 2 scores from 0 - 10 and report the Employer NPS score with and without Benivo.


When & where 

  1. Action to ‘Share your feedback’: Overall satisfaction & Employer/client NPS (Due date set to be 30 days after registration)
  2. Action to 'Choose your Welcome Gift Experience': Welcome gift, Overall satisfaction & Employer/Client NPS (typically completed during 1st week of registration).
  3. PayLater request flow: PayLater/financial support & Overall satisfaction (Seen when a user submits a PayLater request) 
  4. Pop-up widget: Overall satisfaction (Set to appear up to 3 times, excludes users that are first seen by the widget less than 3 days ago)


Follow up actions

All feedback is reviewed by our Employee Success team and any scores of 6 or less will trigger the following steps:

  1. The Benivo Employee Success team connects with the user to address the issue/find out more/share solutions.
  2. Employee Success connects with internal stakeholders, to report and understand solutions. 
  3. Feedback notes are added to the Benivo Feedback report so it’s visible to clients. 

Last updated: November 11th 2021