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Custom Branding

Match your brand's look and feel


Benivo platform branding

Benivo’s standard implementation includes customising the platform branding to match your brand’s look and feel. The custom branding will help convey that the benefit is offered by their employer, with Benivo as the provider.



The Benivo design team needs one of the two below brand refernces. Please communicate your preferred option to your Client Success Manager:
    1. An approved online reference (website or specific web pages) that will be used to create the desired look and feel on the platform. To ensure we don’t infringe any copyright or intellectual property rights, we will use only non-exclusive available materials such as free fonts and non-licensed images.

    2. Official brand materials in addition to the online reference. These materials should include:
      1. Brand guidelines
      2. High quality images and logo files
      3. Licenced font files for online use (in ttf/otf/woff/ format)


Which sections of the platform are customisable?

customisation GP


Last updated: December 29th, 2021