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Digital Document Signature

Utilize Benivo and Docusign to save time


Benivo can support obtaining digital document signature, making the experience hassle free for the employee as well as HR and GM teams.


General guidelines

Benivo's Workflows and Actions are an essential tool for employers wanting to communicate clear action items for employees to take within specific timelines.

By integrating with Docusign, Benivo can also include action items for employees that require signing documents.

Benefits to utilising Benivo Digital Document Signature ability:

  1. Clearly outline outstanding actions for employees.
  2. Reduce manual work by moving communications to be digital and automatic.
  3. Have a clear overview of required employee documents across multiple sites.
  4. Improve employee experience by providing employees a one-stop-shop to complete all admin.


Employee platform experience

There are 2 key elements to the employee experience:

  1. Timeline and notifications - employees will see when a document is due to be complete and can have the relevant guidance to complete it.

  2. Digital completion - There is no need to download, print and scan anything. The entire process is done online using their Benivo account.

Employer platform experience

Employers have access to the completion status via multiple channels

  1. The signed document can be emailed to the relevant inbox for reference.

  2. An overview of the completion of the documents will be available 24/7 on the Client Hub.


Implementation is quick and easy and done by Benivo. The following details are required:

  1. Document/s for the employee to sign.
  2. Which population/s this document applies to.
  3. When should the document be completed by the employee (i.e. 7 days before/after work start date or 2 days after registration with Benivo).
  4. Who should receive a copy of the signed document (multiple recipients can be defined).
  5. Any bullet-point instructions/intro that should be provided to the employee to support successful completion of the document.
  6. Any dependencies that should be taken into account (i.e. "this should not be completed before action x is done", or this should only be completed 5 days before work start date and not before").
  7. An email address of a relevant team member in case the employee has questions about the document.

Use this template to log the details and provide them to your Client Success Manager. Implementation can be live within 10 working days.



Last updated: Dec 27, 2019