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Content Methodology

How does Benivo maintain a high quality content standard?


Benivo content management methodology

In Benivo we take content seriously. As this is part of our strategic advantage, we invest resources and advanced technology solutions to ensure that our content is accurate, up to date, and relevant. We continuously upgrade our research capabilities and methodology to further the quality of our content. As we acknowledge that mistakes can happen, we empower users to flag issues if they identify them, and we act quickly to remedy such cases.


Where does our data come from?

Benivo has an internal Global Research team that sources information from online resources. The quality of the research is supervised by Pankaj Bhatia, who has extensive experience as an in-house Global Mobility lead at companies such as Honeywell, Accenture, and KPMG.


How does Benivo manage it?

Benivo’s  in-house team looks at a range of online sources. We aim to find a reputable global source of truth per content area and then check that against other country based sources, such as official government websites. Where sufficient information cannot be found online we contract a local expert to gather the required information.


How does Benivo ensure quality and accuracy?

We check the information that we find using multiple sources and conduct peer reviews on the research that has been found. Each content area is defined before the research is started to confirm what information will be relevant based on the audience that will consume the content.

Benivo’s in-house team looks at 10 - 20 different websites per country to gather the needed information to build our content. For large countries such as the USA and Canada, we take a state-level approach to research to ensure that our content recognizes state differences.

Housing market data is gathered from the top 2-3 local housing websites per country. We then analyze the data to understand average rental prices for different property types and remove outliers which could lead to false averages.

When researching country processes we gather information from reliable sources such as local government websites and reference this against global guides provided by reputable tax and immigration experts.

Where sufficient information cannot be found online we contract a local expert to gather the required information.


When do we review research?

Key country actions are reviewed every 3 to 6 months for popular countries and at least annually for other countries. The goal of a review is to capture any procedural changes that a country has made due to a change in legislation or technology. We also review research in line with user feedback and Insights provided on their in-country experiences.