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Benivo’s platform contains 2 sets of information: standard content and client-specific content (not compulsory). Standard content includes all information and tools required to successfully relocate and settle in, and client-specific content includes information specific to the company, such as life in the office and company-specific processes.


Standard content

 Standard content does not require an action from the client and is enhanced by Social Insights. Standard content includes:

  • Rental Market Education & Accommodation Support

    • Where to live

    • Norms for prices, accommodation types and commuting

    • Where and how to search the market

    • How to search like a local expert & beat the crowds

    • Manage viewings

    • Negotiating prices

    • Passing referencing

    • Understanding your contract

  • Getting Settled

    • Educate employees on local laws and rules.

    • Educate employees on city life in their new home.

    • Educate employees on things to see and do.

  • Bank Account

    • Educate employees about how to open a bank account.

  • Health Services Registration

    • Provide instructions about how to register public health services.

  • Country Registration

    • Provide instructions on how to register for Social security in the country.

    • Provide instructions on how to book an appointment (if required)

    • Provide instructions on how to register with the police (if required)


Client-specific content 

Client-specific content is not compulsory and requires action from the client if requested. The client will need to provide the necessary information for Benivo to develop the content. Examples of client-specific content include:

  • Information about the company content items:

    • Welcome to your new office

    • Welcome from the office manager/HR/s

  • Information about company-specifc processes content items:

    • Tax services (if applicable)

    • Immigration services (if applicable)

    • Lump sum/accommodation allowance (if applicable)

    • Flight booking (if applicable)

    • Reclaiming expenses (if applicable)

The value of covering client-specific processes on the Benivo platform is to add visibility to the end-to-end process for a new joiner.




Last updated: 04 Feb 2019.