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Remote Work: The latest benchmark report, and thoughts from Wayfair and Westinghouse Electric Company

Remote Work is the hottest topic in Global Mobility today. Countless CEOs have come out either strongly in favour of Remote Work or strongly opposed. But what is the market actually doing, and how are the lived experiences of mobility professionals?

In this week's The View From The Top we had a thought-provoking discussion featuring representatives of two companies that in many ways could not be more different. Our guests included Nicole Milman and Trish MacDonald.

Nicole is head of Global Mobility at Wayfair — a unicorn e-commerce retailer founded just 20 years ago. Trish is head of Global Mobility at Westinghouse Electric Company — a nuclear power company that can trace its roots back to 1886.

Both are proud members of The Global Mobility Top 250 list. The industries in which they work could not be more different but the challenges facing them both are actually quite similar. Listen to the discussion on how remote work impacts business in all sectors of activity:



In addition to this show we recently engaged our Changemakers Network for a remote work discussion. Here is the latest Remote Work benchmark report that captures viewpoints from this group.  We plan to update this report as we get more responses to the survey. To participate you can access the survey here.

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Beth Neilson


Beth Neilson

Created on 24-6-2022