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Unified Global Mobility Management Platform for HR Teams
As-a-service model — Dedicated Client Support Team and Data Scientist You define it. We deliver it.
T&I Integrations Tax & Immigration.
Initiate Vendors One place. All initiations.
Workflows Guide through your processes.
eSignatures Digitally sign documents.
Core-Flex Points. Managed Cap. Services Menu.
System of Records Include all historical data at no charge.
Lump Sum Lightening fast payments.
Managed Services High-tech and high-touch.
#SmartCostEstimates Powered by Vialto Partners (formerly PWC) tax engine
Reduce Cybersecurity Risk Secure vendor & sub-vendor cybersecurity management.
Vendor Payments Secure vendor payments - one invoice
Vendor Contract Management Benivo will manage your vendor contracts.
Vendor SLA Tracking Real-time with BenivoTrackers.
Predictive Analytics Be more efficient - predict start date impacts.
Real-time Analytics Customizable dashboards and reporting.
Pre-integrated Vendors For shipping, housing, DSP, travel, and more - no fees.
Immigration-Only Cases Unlimited. Free.
Predict Immigration Start Days Based on case progression.
Document Management Manage documents electronically, with expiry alerts.
Track Visa Application Status By API or manual update.
Relocation Allowance Free delivery, prefunded.
PayLater Access to interest-free money.
Expense Management Fast reimbursements.
Per-diems Management
Vendor Payments Secure vendor payments - one invoice
Global Employee Payments
AI Powered Global Vendor Payouts
For Service Providers
Secure Management Platform
View Employee Feedback
Take Action on Alerts and To-do's for Cases Flagged by GM
Submit Invoices and Get Paid
Submit Status Updates
View Service Performance Reports
Unlimited Calculations
Support for Custom Datasets and COLA From any data provider.
#SmartCostEstimates Powered by Vialto Partners (formerly PWC) tax engine
Powered by AI
Apply Actual Spend Data To improve future estimate accuracy.
Real-time Estimate to Actual Tracking
Automatic Alerts When spend thresholds are hit.
Unlimited What-if's
Instant Results
Update Default Taxability of Allowances and Benefits To reflect company positions.
Tax Logic Updates by Market-leading Tax Professionals
Tax Support On-Demand
Hypo-tax Calculations
Option to Apply Tax Treaties
Tax Residency Rule Support
Secure Management Platform
API Connections To any HR or vendor tools.
Define Permission Sets Define roles and permission sets for HR and GM.
For Employees
Colleague Insights Star ratings, reviews & tips.
Look & Feel Branding Your colors, imagery & style.
Digital Destinations Destination services, digitally.
Housing Master the rental market.
Partners & Spouses Make everyone feel welcome.
Welcome Gift Experience Get a gift. Give a gift.
Country Settling-In With insights from colleagues.
Key Contacts All your key contacts.
Local Registration Processes
BenivoTrackers Live service status updates.
Service Directories With colleague star ratings and reviews.
Step-by-step Guides To complete all relocation to-do's
Bank Accounts
Cost of Living
Things to Do
Family Resources
Rental Support
Remote Work Solutions
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