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Live with the Women in Mobility - The Rise of Women in the Industry




 Show Notes - May 5th 2021

In this very special episode we welcomed to the show a dynamic panel of leading women in Mobility to discuss the rise of women in the industry and the corporate world globally, the challenges women still face, and the future of women in business.

Our special guests were:

Debbie Convery, Director, Global Mobility at Peloton
Gallia Peretz, Vice President of Business Development at Weichert Workforce
Becky Woods, Senior Director of Global Mobility at ADP
Rina Montalvo, Director, Global Mobility/Immigration/Taxation/Relocation at News Corp

We were also joined by Julia Onslow-Cole of Fragomen and Pat Jurgens of AIRINC who provided tax and immigration advice to Benivo's Matt Chic who recently located to the US to open Benivo's US office in Palo Alto, CA.