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Using machine learning for automating expense management

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About The Show - November 24, 2021BB 32 - Nov 24  2021 - Guest Image

Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are changing the world and impacting our lives. It’s time to bring these benefits to Global Mobility, especially with Expense Management. Benivo is excited to announce its latest innovation - the only expense management solution on the mobility market that is fully automated, built for scale and is included for free.  

The Machine Learning technology automatically completes the claim form, translates it where relevant and the ArtificiaI Intelligence checks the expense claim against policy. The result is faster reimbursement, higher satisfaction, more data to drive better decisions, less mistakes and better ROI.

We will also have our regular immigration updates from Julia Onslow-Cole, the latest Breaking News in the industry, and Benivo ChangeMaker Yen Le Bavis will be talking about the charity she supports, the Susan G Komen Foundation.