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Guest Panel: The Compensation Conundrum and Remore Working

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]Show Notes - November 17, 2021

Remote working is now a fact of life but how should we adjust compensation programs to meet this new reality? In this thought-provoking episode of The View from The Top we focused on some of the emerging questions that all organizations now need to address, including:

* Should pay be set by reference to home or office location?
* How remote is acceptable?
* What about employees with multiple remote locations?
* How should incentive comp be designed for remote employees?
* What are the compliance challenges and what are the emerging best practices

Our special guests this week were Cherie Curry, Director Global Equity at Hilton together with Joe Pancamo and Matthew Pascual (both from BDO).  As always we had immigration updates from Julia Onslow-Cole and tax updates from Pat Jurgens. We also have a visit from a ChangeMaker, Yen Le Bavis talking about her charity Susan G. Komen.