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Live with Wes Okumura, EY & Benivo Strategy Council


About the Show:

Wes Okumura is a Silicon Valley Mobility Legend. He is a 40 year veteran of EY's Global Mobility practice and for many years was their US Lead Partner for People Advisory Services. He is also a leading member of the Benivo Strategy Council.

Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, Wes is hyper-connected into the Bay Area community and has seen first-hand how this one region has grown to dominate every area of our lives.

Wes will be discussing how The Big 4 view the future of Global Mobility, how technology companies are continuing to adapt and thrive in difficult times and helping us gaze into the crystal ball of future mobility trends. We will also be discussing the role of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and the need to integrate the vendor supply chain on a holistic basis.