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Live with Kathryn Cassidy, President & COO


This week, The View From The Top Live with Brian Friedman welcomed Kathryn Cassidy, President and COO at Altair Global.

Show Notes

The Immigration Update with Julia Onslow-Cole

  • China: After 5 months, the Beijing airport has opened and is allowing direct flights to come into Beijing from the following 8 countries; Australia, Canada, Cambodia, Denmark, Greece, Pakistan, Sweden and Thailand.
  • Europe: European Commision is pushing for standardization for Covid-19 travel rules across the EU.

Chatting with Kathryn

  • How has Covid-19 changed the leadership style? Kathryn believes that being authentic and leading with empathy is core.... and the audience agreed! Communication is the key to provide a sense of stability.
  • LinkedIn Polling on "What is the most important leadership lesson you've learned during the pandemic", said...
    • You can't predict the future: 16%
    • Businesses must be flexible: 26%
    • Put people first: 31%
    • Communicate, communicate: 27%
  • LinkedIn Polling on "What keeps RMC Presidents and CEO's awake at night during a pandemic?", said...
    • Employee Engagement: 7%
    • Business Development : 28%
    • Financial Impact: 65%
  • What does Kathryn thinks 2021 and beyond will look like? She feels virtual conferences will continue, there will be less business travel and some form of working from home will remain for most companies. However she believes 100% working form home it is not as effective for innovative. In conclusion, her sentiment is that while volumes may be down today, but the fundamentals of mobility, and the strategy value of mobility programs will remain.