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Live with Pat Jurgens, AIRINC & Julia Onslow-Cole, Fragomen



The View From The Top returns 2 September with an all-new turbocharged episode focused on the geo-politics of global mobility. The US Presidential election could be a defining moment for the global relocation industry. Will a President Biden revoke President Trump's Immigration and Tax Reforms? Conversely, would a newly re-elected President Trump be emboldened to make even greater changes? We will be deep-diving into all the tax and immigration implications of the upcoming election with our resident experts - Julia Onslow-Cole from Fragomen and Pat Jurgens from AIRINC. We will also be highlighting other major tax and immigration changes that may be coming down the turnpike.

On Wednesdays at 8am PST, 11am EST, 4pm BST, 8:30pm IST you can join the Livestream at www.benivo.com/livestream