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Live with Dean Foster, CEO


This week, The View From The Top Live with Brian Friedman welcomes Dean Foster, CEO at DFA Intercultural Solutions. Dean Foster is one of the world's foremost experts on cross-cultural training. Dean has worked with most major Fortune 500 companies, national governments and NGOs (including The United Nations and The World Bank) as well as leading universities (such as Harvard, Columbia and NYU). Dean has also featured as a guest commentator on cross-cultural issues on CNN, CNBC, The BBC , Newsweek, New York Times, USA Today and much more. Dean has worked in over 100 countries and written numerous books and publications.

In this wide-ranging discussion we will be exploring how cross-cultural awareness impacts assignment success and deep-dive into the emerging challenges of cultural understanding in a post-Covid and WFH world. Join for a fascinating discussion with one of the world's leading experts on all matters cultural

Producer Michelle Durkin, member of the Benivo Strategy Council, will also bring fresh LinkedIn polling results and the immigration update is brought to you by Julia Onslow-Cole, Partner at Fragomen. 

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