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Jim Thompson, Chairman at Crown

About this Episode

Jim Thompson

Chairman at Crown Worldwide

Jim Thompson is the Chairman at Crown Worldwide, an organization which provides strategic Assignment Management Services and complete Relocations for multinational companies and government organizations. Thompson started the company in 1965, when he decided to go to Yokohama, Japan. Since that time Crown has grown into an extraordinary global business that has helped millions of families relocate their lives throughout the world.

In this in-depth interview, Jim describes how his life changed dramatically when he decided to take a gap year in Japan, and how he started Crown with just a $1000 in his bank account; Jim shares his opinion that not everyone has the personality or the temperament to work in a service business; explains why he never flirted with Crown being a public company as he wanted to maintain the culture of the company; admits that he is by nature a pure globalist; and shares his perspective that people will continue to move around from location to location.

Episode Host

Brian Friedman Headshot

Brian Friedman

Strategy Director, Benivo

Special Guest

Jim Thompson Headshot

Jim Thompson

Chairman at Crown Worldwide

Episode Details

March 14, 2019

36 minutes

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