Special Guest Panel: D&I in Mobility - The Next Opportunity?



 Show Notes - July 28, 2021

Can Mobility help optimize business outcomes through diversity and inclusion?  

All the evidence shows a huge under-representation of black professionals working in global mobility roles and among our global assignee populations. In this thought-provoking session we welcomed four Mobility Leaders for a deep-dive into their experiences and insights on this complex issue. We discussed what best-in-class companies are doing and how you can create change to enhance diversity in your mobility program.

The special panel of guests on the show:

Sheryll Young: Senior Manager of Global Mobility Strategy Consulting at PWC
Ursula Dyer Lepporoli: Director of Global Mobility Services at KPMG
Kristin Faison: Global Mobility Manager at Zendesk
Michelle Williams: Global Mobility Manager at Walmart Canada

We were also joined by Julia Onslow-Cole and Pat Jurgens with the latest in immigration and tax updates.