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Dave Bencivengo,

About this Episode

Dave Bencivengo

President at Weichert Workforce Mobility

Weichert helps companies build stronger, more cost-effective relocation programs in order to deploy key talent and transfer critical skills anywhere in the world. Dave Bencivengo has over 25 years of leadership experience in every facet of workforce mobility, from operations to business development.
In this in-depth interview, Dave discusses how Weichert has achieved a very healthy and successful scale; reveals his belief that we can learn from everyone; stresses the importance of staying open to opportunities; and shares his opinion that mobility won’t ever be fully digitized as ultimately it is a human experience.

Episode Host

Brian Friedman Headshot

Brian Friedman

Strategy Director, Benivo

Special Guest

Dave Bencivengo Headshot

Dave Bencivengo

President at Weichert Workforce Mobility

Episode Details

November 8, 2019

34 minutes

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