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Caroline Milligan,
Head of Global Mobility

About this Episode

Carolyn Milligan

Carolyn Milligan, Head of Global Mobility at Kantar Group

Kantar is a global data, insights and market research company, recently acquired from WPP by Bain Private Equity in a $4 billion deal. Carolyn leads an elite team of 5 at Kantar based of Singapore and has had a long, successful career spanning in-house mobility at corporates including Chevron and Fiat and service provider roles at BGRS and Sterling Lexicon.

On the podcast Carolyn and I talk about her career trajectory, the ins and outs of her current program under management and thoughts about what lies ahead!

Episode Host

Brian Friedman Headshot

Brian Friedman

Strategy Director, Benivo

Special Guest

Carolyn Milligan Headshot

Carolyn Milligan

Head of Global Mobility at Kantar

Episode Details

February 25, 2020

27 minutes

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