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The best bits from the View from the Top Season 1!

About this Episode

Brian Friedman

Strategy Director at Benivo

Brian Friedman is the Strategy Director at Benivo, the world’s leading welcome as a service mobility tech company. Prior to joining Benivo, Brian was Founder and CEO of the Forum for Expatriate Management (FEM). Previously, he served as the CEO of both Ernst & Young’s and previously Arthur Andersen’s Human Capital practice. He has worked in Global Mobility and Expatriate Management for over three decades. And of course Brian is the great host of The View from the Top.

In this episode, Brian has 10 guests instead of 1. Brian will compile all his learnings from his guests and will prepare us for the Season 2.

Enjoy this episode as Brian enjoyed Season 1 of The View from the Top!

Episode Host

Brian Friedman Headshot

Brian Friedman

Strategy Director, Benivo

Special Guest

The best bits! Headshot

The best bits!

Episode Details

February 14, 2019

58 minutes

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