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Live with Bill Graebel,
Owner & CEO

Bill Graebel

Owner & CEO at Graebel Companies

Bill Graebel is Owner & CEO at Graebel Companies, an international relocation company which helps Fortune 500s, Global 100s, and other organizations with absolutely everything involved in relocating their people - from rethinking company policies to getting the VP’s cat through customs. Graebel has been with the company since 1975 and under his direction,Graebel Companies, Inc. has seen rapid and sustained growth and they’ve grown from a local relocation provider to a global mobility company.

In this in-depth interview, Bill discusses how he moved up within a family business and the roles he has served throughout his career (Vice President of Sales and Marketing, General Manager, Operations Manager, and President of Graebel Movers, Inc.), explains why the customer experience certainly is going to be completely digitized; stresses the importance of knowing to identify and lock our purpose; shares his opinion that Global Mobility is really a caregiver industry, similar to healthcare, in the way that people are in a time of need; and admits that he loves to learn from those who relocate, (understanding new cultures and what motivates and inspires each individual) as he believes this shared understanding makes him a better global employer!