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Reinventing Lump Sum


The Lump Sum model is broken. Currently, employee experience is poor because usage is low. The usage is low because the current model is treating your employees as sales opportunities. We’ve changed that.

Employers provide financial support to employees and good intentions aside, introduced suppliers try to sell to them. These suppliers only make money when your employees spend money with them. Not surprisingly, the average uptake of these services is very low - 10%-20%.

Why? First, the prices are too high with too many layers earning from the transaction. That’s why Benivo does not take kickbacks. Second, it's not how most people work in their consumer lives. The world today works by quickly researching options, reading reviews, following easy self-serve steps, as quickly and painlessly as possible. Waiting 2 weeks for reimbursement simply doesn’t work anymore. Everything needs to be instant.

Join this session to learn how to deliver a Lump Sum experience that is cost effective and optimizes your employees experience, not how to make money from them.