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How can Big Data make mobility more strategic?

About the show:

The mobility industry is changing! What worked in the past no longer works. In order to justify our roles, mobility leaders need more than ever to be strategic and to be data-driven decision-makers.

In this hugely important Benivo Bites session we'll explore what is Big Data, how is it transforming leading industries, and what are the lessons that Mobility Leaders can learn and implement.

We'll also reveal the latest Benivo analytic tools that enable people analytics, predictive analytics and AI (artificial intelligence). Some use cases include: measuring vendor SLAs, identifying delivery delays in real-time (even before the employee even knows it!) and providing the business with predictions on time and likelihood of assignment success.

In short Big Data can help you and your employer make better, faster and more accurate decisions.

You will not wish to miss the glimpse of tomorrow's world today