Benivo in the U.S.A. and New Strategy Council Benchmark Report




Show Notes 

Benivo Bites on March 17th was packed with exciting announcements!

First among them is that Benivo will be opening an office in Palo Alto, CA and developing a U.S. based team. Benivo has been growing a U.S. client base for several years now and making the investment to expand the Benivo team presence is a natural continuation. Matthew Chic, Chief Commercial Officer at Benivo, will be relocating from the London office to the area to lead the expansion.

Another exciting announcement was the addition of 2 new Benivo Strategy Council members.  Eric Halverson, former Director of HR Global Mobility at eBay and Meredith Morris, former Vice President at CapRelo are joining the council. Eric brings a career of invaluable corporate experience and insight to the council, and Meredith brings critical RMC experience to support Benivo’s efforts in creating value for RMCs.

The main event of the day was the release of the Strategy Council’s new Benchmark Report on Domestic Relocation in the U.S. from research led by council member Michelle Durkin. Michelle conducted one-on-one interviews with HR and Mobility leaders in 26 companies across all industries over a three-month period. The report investigated such areas as the work from anywhere trend, domestic relocation package benchmarks within the United States, areas for new technology improvement. Download your copy to see the discoveries here:

Accompanying the Benchmark Report release, Matt demonstrated how Benivo’s technology can be deployed to assist with U.S. domestic lump sum moves. For a personal demo for your company, please contact Benivo at 

Immigration Update

By  Julia Onslow-Cole at Fragomen

 1. The advent of the Biden administration has entirely reversed the approach to immigration into the US . President Trump tried to stop legal immigration including business immigration but President Biden believes it is good for the US economy. 

2. The new administration have been very active on immigration but their focus is on non business immigration . 

3. The proposed US Citizenship Act is focussed on asylum and border issues and is likely to be brought forward in pieces due to the evenly divided make up of Congress and division of the parties. 
4. The Biden Administration will listen to stakeholders and it is important that Global Mobility is vocal about business immigration concerns.