View an end-to-end demo of Benivo's unified mobility platform
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Learn more about the new #SmartCostEstimates during this private demo, including a comparison with other global mobility cost estimate solutions on the market. The new #SmartCostEstimates technology combines Vialto Partners’ deep global expertise, datasets and technology with the Benivo system to:

Deliver superior calculation accuracy through AI and analytics

  • Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Applies actual spend data to improve future estimate accuracy
  • Real-time estimate to actual tracking
  • Automatic alerts when spend thresholds are hit.

Maximize flexibility for planning and what if scenarios

  • Unlimited calculations
  • Unlimited what-if scenarios
  • Instant results
  • Support for custom datasets and COLA from any data provider
  • Update default taxability of allowances and benefits to reflect company positions.

Includes market leading, quality global tax support from Vialto

  • Tax logic updates by market-leading tax professionals, support on demand
  • Support for Domestic and International One-Way Transfers, Long-Term Assignments and Short-Term Assignments
  • Hypo-Tax Calculations, Option to apply Tax Treaties and Totalization Agreements, Tax Residency Rule Support and more.

Join us to learn more about this exciting technology development. If these dates or times don't work we are happy to schedule a one-to-one session, just let us know what works.

This is a corporate-only session.