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Announcing #SmartCostEstimates. Powered by Benivo AI and the Vialto Partners global tax engine.
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Smart Cost Estimates - FAQs

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  • What is unique about the tool?

    The Benivo platform is an end-to-end mobility solution that contains all global mobility data in one place, including payments, invoicing and expenses for both vendors and employees — this allows for a real time comparison of estimated costs to actual. You no longer need to wait until the end of assignment to find out it was three times more expensive than the estimate — with AI alerts you can identify in real time that costs are reaching the threshold and take action.

    In addition it is easy to use, easy to customize, and we do not charge implementation fees ever!

  • Is there a limit to the number of estimates and what-if scenarios we can run?

    No limit — run unlimited cost estimations and what-if scenarios at no additional cost with a Benivo platform license.

  • How long does an estimate take?

    Estimates are instant after you input the relevant information.

  • How is tax calculated?

    Tax calculations are powered by Vialto Partners (formerly PwC) tax logic (Big4)

  • How can I access this tool?

    If you already have a standard Benivo license, you already have access — there is no additional cost. If you are not a Benivo client, please contact us to discuss.

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