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Vendor payments

Automated vendor payments with our industry-leading fintech


The Benivo way

Benivo has automated vendor invoice processing to make life easier for clients and vendors alike.
All invoices are uploaded to Benivo, and our technology takes care of the rest. The invoice will be sent to the client on the next submission date, and payment to the vendor will be completed within the agreed payment terms once the client has paid the invoice.

Process to upload invoices

Step 1: Access your Benivo account

Visit login.benivo.com.


Step 2: Click on the Costs tab


Step 3: Click on Create an Invoice


Step 4: Provide invoice details

You will only need to complete this section once per invoice upload.


Step 5: Provide service details

You will need to complete this section for every employee that appears in the invoice. Once you have provided the details for an employee, click on Add another cost to provide details for the next. Click on Search for an employee for a full list of employees.


Step 6: Upload the invoice file
Upload the master invoice by clicking on Upload an Invoice.
Step 7: Submit your invoice
Click Submit to finalize the process.

Click on Help to get help with any of the steps above.


Information required to process payments to vendors

In order to process the payment Benivo will require:

Account Name
Account Number
Sort Code Number
IBAN Number
Bank Name


Last updated: March 24th, 2022