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Revolutionizing Compensation Accumulation and Payroll Reporting (6 x 3 in)

The Strategic Solution for Mobility Data Consolidation

For too long, compensation accumulation and payroll reporting have been manual nightmares for mobility teams. Consolidating data from HR systems, relocation providers, vendors and more into spreadsheets is incredibly time-consuming and error-prone. Formatting payroll reports for each country's requirements is another laborious task.

Benivo revolutionizes this entire process with innovative technology that automates compensation data consolidation from any source into a centralized database. No more chasing spreadsheets or mapping templates. Just integrated, centralized, high-quality data.

Powerful Visualizations for Confident Decision-Making

With compensation data consolidated, Benivo provides powerful dashboards to slice, dice, and visualize the information:

  • Analyze costs by employee, location, business unit, assignment type, and more
  • Review historical trends and seasonal cost patterns
  • Compare actual costs to estimates/budgets
  • Forecast when costs will hit the business using predictive analytics
  • Instantly see total spend by supplier, expense type, policy type, etc.
  • Dig into details on temporary accommodation, shipping, or any cost category
Leveraging data visualization, mobility teams can identify optimization opportunities, model cost scenarios, and make strategic, data-driven decisions with confidence.
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Automated Payroll Reporting Saves Time

In addition to centralizing all compensation data, Benivo generates payroll reports automatically with the following:

  • Accurate tax positions and gross-up calculations
  • Proper payroll codes and wage classifications
  • Required formats for each country's payroll system
  • Only the requested payroll periods
Mobility professionals simply select the payroll period, export the pre-formatted report, and send it seamlessly to payroll - eliminating tedious manual formatting work.

No Extra Cost Technology Transforms Mobility Operations

Benivo's innovative compensation accumulation and payroll reporting solution is included in the standard platform license at no additional cost to customers. This groundbreaking technology:

  • Saves thousands per employee in external fees
  • Reduces hundreds of hours previously spent on manual data consolidation
  • Elevates mobility from tactical administration to strategic consulting
  • Provides accurate, real-time data for cost analysis and forecasting
  • Generates higher-quality information for smarter decision-making

By automating routine processes, Benivo allows mobility teams to reallocate resources towards strategic program optimization and improving the employee experience.

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Compensation accumulation and payroll reporting have remained stuck in inefficient, costly processes...until now. Benivo's future-focused solution leverages automation and integration to reduce overhead and transform messy data into a strategic asset.

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