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Employee-Initiated Moves Pulse Survey


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The modern business landscape is constantly evolving, and employee-initiated
moves have become increasingly common. These moves are driven by various
factors, including family reasons, pursuing career opportunities, and remote work arrangements. To better understand the prevalence and impact of employee-initiated moves, a Pulse Survey was conducted in April 2023, which garnered responses from 60 global mobility program managers across different industries and company headquarters locations.

The survey revealed that the majority of organizations experienced an increase in employee-initiated moves in 2022, with family reasons being the most common driver. However, not all organizations provide mobility support for these moves. The survey also identified several motivations for offering mobility support, including complementing talent strategies and ensuring compliance with legal requirements. The findings of this survey can prove useful as organizations consider options for their own mobility policies and can help identify opportunities and challenges associated with employee-initiated moves.

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