Benivo: Roommate Finder

Benivo offers the opportunity to connect employees to others in your company that are looking for somebody to live with. Roommate Finder works especially well for early careers programs with a cohort of people starting at the same time:

  • Reduce anxiety leading up to new joiners start dates.
  • Help employees find a roommate they will get along with.
  • Connect employees with someone like them.
  • Support the process of finding housing.

This guide explains how Roommate Finder works in Benivo, the steps required to implement and the reporting available to track usage.

Roommate Finder employee experience
Roommate Finder is completely opt-in solution to the problem of finding somewhere to live. If an employee is looking for a roommate, they can add their name to a list of others looking for somebody to live with.
If activated, Roommate Finder is housed in the Actions Hub (Find a Company Name Roommate), where the tool is introduced and they get the opportunity to opt-in.
To help make sure the person they choose to live with is somebody they will get along with, employees answer a set of questions, like the one below, to understand their preferences.

After answering the questions, which cover both the type of roommate they are looking for and the type or roommate they are themselves, their name and answers are added to the list of others that have done the same. The employee can then look through the list of people that opted in and shared their answers to contact anybody they may wish to begin a house search with.

Steps to implement
The Benivo Roommate Finder tool is quick to implement and typically takes 1-2 weeks. Just contact your Client Success Manager to request that this is added, confirming the following:
  • Which populations to add the Roommate Finder action to.
  • Which office locations.

We recommend this is activated for a location with enough employees joining at the same time in the same location.

Tracking usage
Usage of Roommate finder can be tracked via your Management Platform reports page. Monitor the number of people using the tool, and the most popular months it's being used.

Last updated: 25th January 2022