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The Value of Welcome

Employee Experience for New Joiners

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Employee Experience has become a critical component to hiring and retention success. 30 professionals at the world's top employers share their stories - what worked and what didn't, lessons learned, and recipes for success.
Candice Shulman - HR360 Ltd

Candice Shulman


Organizations are living beings. Just as humans need food, shelter, love, health, money and purpose to survive, organizations need the right skills, people, environmental conditions, motivations and tools to succeed.

About Candice

Candice Lee Shulman is the Founder of HR360 Ltd. She is a specialist in pinpointing and remedying the human challenges that hinder organizational performance. Hailing from South Africa, she has a background in journalism, psychology and business.

About HR360 Ltd

HR360 Ltdis a talent and leadership consultancy in London who believe greatness exists in individual and organization alike. It’s only a matter of creating the right conditions for its realization. Our suite of products equips companies with solutions that build, grow, retain and recruit top talent.

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  • 30 contributions from Global HR leaders sharing perspectives & stories from their careers.
  • Practical advice on efforts that have worked and haven't worked for them
  • A wealth of information to shape your personal strategy to deliver better Employee Experience
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Reviews from industry experts

An essential guide with terrific case studies. It will help transform any workplace.

Rebecca Clarke Editor, HRReview

Benivo has curated a wide range of interesting perspectives on the problem of employee experience.

Claire Tennant-Scull Global Head of Content, Centaur Media

Dip into this collection of success stories from leading-edge companies and make some of their ideas your own.

Fiona Murchie Managing Editor, Relocate Magazine

A collection of wonderful stories about giving the world's employees exceptional experiences during a life transition.

Peggy Smith SCRP, SGMS-T, President and CEO, Worldwide ERC