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Attracting and Retaining Top Talent in Times of Brexit

  • Practical, hands-on advice. Professional to professional.
  • Strategy tips on navigating Brexit-related uncertainty from respected thought leaders facing the challenge at their companies.
Brian Friedman
“In a fiercely competitive talent market, Employee Experience is a powerful concept that enables companies to attract and retain the best people. Crucially, it reframes a company's HR processes and asks what impression they leave in the mind of the individual employee.”—Brian Friedman, Strategy Director at Benivo. Formerly Head of HR Practice at Ernst & Young and CEO of FEM

Contributions from 28 of the sharpest minds in British Recruitment, HR, and Global Mobility

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Contributor Logos 1

Where should we send you the book?

Attracting and Retaining Talent in Times of Brexit is currently out of stock.

We are in the process of ordering more copies of our book. If you'd like to register to make a purchase, please email brexit@benivo.com with your details and we will be in contact to arrange the necessary details.

However, you can download an electronic copy of the book using the link below.

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What your team and company need to know to make Brexit a success

Best Practice Advice from 28 Thought Leaders

Companies across Britain are facing the uncertainty of Brexit, with the talent question looming large: Will EU citizens be able to continue working in the UK? What about British staff in branches across Europe? What should I tell my employees when they ask about their future in our company? What resources do my staff need in order to stop worrying and be productive?

Whether it's a threat or an opportunity for the UK, Brexit forces British companies to ask the inevitable talent questions. In this book, you can find the answers.

28 of the sharpest minds in British Recruitment, HR, and Global Mobility are sharing their insights and 2018 plans for hiring, retention and the period of uncertainty that lies ahead.

Nitzan Yudan
Nitzan Yudan
CEO and Founder, Benivo

What's Inside?

  • 28 contributions from thought leaders at multi-national companies, recruiting from within and into the UK. 

  • Input and advice on strategies to confront uncertainty among candidates to ensure a healthy talent pipeline. 

  • Perspectives to help you formulate your approach to attracting and retaining top talent in times of Brexit.

  • Insight on how your peer companies are thinking about their approach to talent attraction in times of Brexit in 2018.

  • Non-political discussion and assessments about managing business priorities in times of Brexit. 


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Some thoughts

The Mayor recognises that the UK's work visa system for people outside the EU is not fit for purpose ... A modern knowledge economy like London and the UK needs to be open to global talent ... We are committed to London remaining open and want you to join us in the next chapter of London's story.
Rajesh Agrawal
Rajesh Agrawal
Deputy Mayor of London for Business
Whilst Brexit does add to the pressure, it also provides an impetus for businesses to take stock on how they attract and retain talent. A quick win, although not quick to implement effectively, is to apply the same vigour to your Employee Journey as you do to your Customer Journey
Duncan Cheatle
Duncan Cheatle
CEO, Learn Amp
It (Brexit) might also be an incentive to think more creatively about solving business needs. Start preparing now by collecting and analyzing your talent data to ensure you are able to take advantage of all options available to you. In doing so, you will remain in control of your talent strategy rather than falling victim to external forces largely beyond our control.
Kristen Dardani
Kristen Dardani
VP Mobility & Careers, MediaCom