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What do employees love about Benivo?

Insights from peers, cash-flow relief, lifestyle education, assistance navigating an accommodation search, welcome packs, welcome gifts and feeling that the company is supporting them during an exciting, yet stressful time.



A Self-Serve Experience

A Self Serve Experience

Company customised, employee personalised, used on demand.
Accommodation Services

Accommodation Services

Game-changing assistance to search, select and secure a place to stay.
PayLater Rent & Deposit

PayLater Rent & Deposit

Pay your rent and deposit after you get paid. What's not to love?
Social Insights

Social Insights

Intel, tips and advice from colleagues - often who relocated like you.
Welcome Gift Pack

Welcome Gift & Pack

Arriving via post in your new city, packed with practical tips, fun and surprises.
Rental Market Education

Rental Market Education

How it works, what to expect and how to succeed and stay safe.
Support Team

Real People

Guiding your employees, available 7 days a week, for a personal touch
Fluent onboarding

Pre-made Checklists

What you need to do, in the right order, complete with detailed instructions
Saving Time

Saving Time

Moving for work is simply a lot to do. With Benivo it goes faster and is more fun.

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