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~ February 2018 ~

The best service I have ever had. Benivo team help me with everything, from the relocation to opening a bank account.

Elisa, Houzz

Any queries I had regarding contract, PayLater finance or even general information were promptly answered.

Lucas, Fleetmatics

Everyone at Benivo has been exceptionally helpful to my big move from USA to the UK!

Reagan, Creative Assembly

Well informed about different neighbourhoods, friendly and helpful assistant.

Naomi, Concentrix

Impeccable service!

Audrey, Hertz
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The site is easy to navigate and info is structured in intuitive way.

Oleksii, Fleetmatics

I was very impressed with the welcome gift, it had nice little touches (tea bag, bottle opener) as well as useful products (charger). It was presented nicely in a little box and overall it made me really excited about starting my new job.

Adrienn, Vodafone Interns

Fast and professional!

Nada, Hertz

It has every information somebody might need to get by in Dublin.

Lucas, Fleetmatics

Everyone has been very helpful and efficient with any queries I have had.

Victoria, Jurys Inn

~ January 2018 ~

The team are very helpful and active searching for places which fits my requirements. They were working even during the weekend which surprised me.

Ricardo, Fleetmatics

Lovely welcome pack! Thank you!

Audrey, Hertz

The PayLater financing scheme is a lifesaver, especially for those of us with no prior UK bank accounts.

Yi, Bloomberg

Clean, pretty and very easy to find what I need.

Arthur, Fleetmatics

The articles are clear and well written, the pictures match perfectly with the text, the navigation is intuitive and easy.

Anderson, Fleetmatics
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Web-site is very user-friendly!

Teymur, Bloomberg

Great people supporting me with all my questions over the email, phone and whatsapp.

Ricardo, Fleetmatics

I would have been stuck without this support during my relocation. It was quick and easy to do as well.

Julia, Cloudreach

Kindness, understanding, help!

Alan, Hertz

I understood all information. The information on Benivo's site is clear and easy to understand, and the consultants are complete prepared and attentive.

Anderson, Fleetmatics

~ December 2017 ~

All needed information and more has been provided.

Omar, Cloudreach

They were really helpful in every step of the relocation process. They clarified all the questions I had, they helped me out finding and accommodation which is a very stressful thing here in Dublin, they helped me with the financial support and it always felt like they were there for me all the time.

Leosvel, Fleetmatics

It’s easier when you don’t know what to expect and what to do.

Victoria, Mazars

Joel and the Benivo team were really helpful to help us to figure out our housing in London! They were always available to answer our questions and help us to find different options for housing.

Ruo, Bloomberg

The articles on the website give a really comprehensive overview of renting in London.

Mousam, Bloomberg
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Amazing support on the relocation process.

Leonardo, Fleetmatics

It's good to have someone that can help you in your first steps in London.

Ioannis, InterContinental

Timely responses and good suggestions. Overall very friendly and helpful service.

Yi, Bloomberg

Your website is very clear and direct, leaving no room for wandering.

Lucas, Fleetmatics

Jan took the stress out of many of the questions making one aspect less stressful.

Stuart, Jurys Inn

~ November 2017 ~

Benivo made my relocation a lot simpler than I imagined.

Mateus, Fleetmatics

Benivo were constantly helping with my move going above and beyond so I could start my new job in the new city. Without them this would not be possible.

Edward, Jurys Inn

I feel like I have enough information to make a good housing decision.

Yi, Bloomberg

It's all the help that someone needs when relocating.

Daniel, BGL Group

Efficient, clear, easy.

Deirdre, Vodafone Interns
Contact Benivo

Excellent content, a lot of useful information.

Leonardo, Fleetmatics

Helpful and fast. I never had any problems with Benivo.

Guillaume, Hertz

You made it as easy as it could be. Joel was especially helpful.

Richard, Bloomberg

Great work.

Mark, Cloudreach

The team was great, very helpful and thoughtful.

Bruno, Fleetmatics

~ October 2017 ~

Pretty good service. PayLater was crucial for me. Reviewing the contract was really good.

Alex, Vodafone Group

Helpful and fast. I never had any problems with Benivo.

Guillaume, Hertz

People really motivated to help. Very good suggestions.

Daniel, Fleetmatics

Only good things to say. Very responsive and proactive when helping me. The portal is very easy to use.

Joana, Johnson & Johnson

Very helpful service and gave me regular updates at each stage.

Geraint, Vodafone Interns
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They make the process much easier.

Razanne, Vodafone Group

Very friendly people, you can tell that Benivo cares about the employees. Very responsive.

Qiau, Bloomberg

I was amazed by the amount of care and support of your employees! Thanks Apinya and Joel!

Menno, Vodafone Interns

It was an excellent, smooth service. All of my questions were answered quickly and easily.

Adesukanmi, Vodafone Group

The Benivo contact person was very nice and provided me with all the support and information I needed.

Vlad, Microsoft

 ~ September 2017 ~

It's great to get a welcome pack for a new place with helpful tips on places to go and things to see!

Marilina, Vodafone Group

The things included were very Vodafone style. I felt more committed with the company.

Maria, Vodafone Group

I didn't have to pay a huge lump sum before I've received my first pay check so makes the first few months a lot easier financially.

Nicola, Vodafone Group

The service removed a lot of the stress of moving from another country and was quick to respond to my questions.

Jenna, Bloomberg

I think the PayLater is perfect. Only having to pay 10% of the first months rent is awesome!.

Rodrigo, Google
Talk to the Benivo Team

Staff is friendly and helpful.

Kunal, Bloomberg

All consultants were pro-active and very helpful. I also liked the nice welcome pack surprise.

Adrian, Johnson & Johnson

What I liked the most: Constant contact.

Joshua, Google

Quite good!

Agostina, Fleetmatics


Franck, Mazars

 ~ August 2017 ~

It was simple, quick and stress-free. Everyone at Benivo knew what they were doing.

Savannah, Vodafone Group

The PayLater scheme is a blessing. I wouldn't have been able to relocate without it. The general customer service was 10 out of 10. I had a great experience with Benivo and will definitely encourage all those interested in their services to go ahead.

Savannah, Vodafone Group

Benivo helps with everything. From arranging a sim to providing useful welcome packs to moving.

Sara, Google

Took all the hassle out of searching for accommodation and I didn't have to worry about paying rent before my first paycheck

David, Google

Marguerite and Jan were super nice providing me with good overview of temporary accommodation situation and booking hotel for the first time.

Sergey, Creative Assembly
Contact Benivo

I received great help in terms of comparing location, price, the different options I had!

Ann, Bloomberg

Both the advisor and the website are very informative

Luca, Google

You supported my relocation very well

Maciej, Google

I can find the information very quickly

Marion, Hertz

Always ready and very helpful, the service is excellent

Hoa, Google

 ~ July 2017 ~

I had issues on my moving date, I wouldn't manage to find proper accommodation without your help.

Erdem, Microsoft

Communication between the consultants and myself were fantastic, and really tailored certain properties to suit what I was looking for.

Keeran, G-Research

Very good service, made the relocation process very smooth and unstressful.

Maksim, Bloomberg

Good service, fast and really proactive! Definitely will recommend for long- and medium-term renting.

Vladislava, Google

Marguerite provided an excellent introduction to rental market around Horsham so I'm very happy.

Sergey, Creative Assembly
Take a tour of Benivo

The website is very useful and easy to find useful information. The people that help you are very kind and answer promptly to any question.

Diana, Google

Even though I am from foreign country, moving to London was very easy and Benivo introduced me to all the necessary information that I need. Also, Joel was very helpful through the whole process. Thank you!

Denis, Bloomberg

Benivo helped me settle moving from Paris to London and it let me save lot of time.

Younes, Bloomberg

I found the service very helpful and responses were quick

Tomasz, Google

Very convenient for me personally. Coming straight from university leaves you with little savings so i had to rely on my salary for rent.

Ben, BGL Group

~ June 2017 ~

I would not have been able to accept an internship offer in London if it had not been for this service.

Simone, Bloomberg

I received great suggestions that, in terms of quality, far exceeded anything I was able to find on my own and they took out any fear of fraud or getting scammed.

Dennis, Bloomberg

Everything happened hassle free and was taken care of by benivo.

Kartik, Google

Benivo consultants were extremely helpful and answered any questions I had about anything related to the relocation process as well as helped me directly to set up PayLater, navigate the Benivo site (articles and deals).

Beatrice, Microsoft

I found the service really useful and reassuring. It was nice to hear a friendly voice at the end of the phone who was happy to help and find a flat tailored to my needs.

Rachael, Golin
Contact Benivo

Rent is very expensive in Paris and paying only after recieving my salary saved the trouble of searching for cheaper options for private housing.

Yara, Google

More convenient. Allows me to focus on other things in preparation for my move

Joshua, Google

I was provided with more than enough relevant information and assistance in all forms

Joshua, Google

It was quite useful in providing me with information and the coupons and local sim were a plus.

Priya, Bloomberg

I have learned about typical prices in Munich, most common terms and conditions of rental etc.

Tomasz, Google

~ May 2017 ~

The information was provided in the phone call and whenever I needed, I got an answer. Moreover the website provides lots of information.

Juliana, Google

It was a pleasant surprise to have a welcoming packet upon arrival. My mom enjoyed the biscuits.

Marley, Bloomberg

Well trained and super friendly employees who are happy to help

Annika, Vodafone Interns

It is a great process as it takes a lot of pressure off moving and settling down. It really relieves you from a lot of pressure and allows you focus on having a great time working!

Damilola, Google

My consultant and the Benivo platform gave most of the information and assurance needed to move to and settle in another city.

Daniel, Microsoft
Talk to the Benivo Team

The bus guide and city maps are really useful. Also, lots of discount vouchers!

Daniel, Microsoft

There are lot of different upfront costs involved, when moving the whole family to Munich. It's a big help, that some costs can be delayed to be paid later.

Kimmo, Incadea

The level of information exchanged was good and the employee answered all my questions.

Simone, Bloomberg

I feel better knowing I have professional help in looking for a flat.

Sam, Golin

Landlords often request substantial upfront payments, which many people cannot afford on a limited monthly budget.

Daniel, Microsoft

~ April 2017 ~

I had a lot of information regarding where to live in London, local prices, commute times.

Yoann, G-Research

Joel listen carefully to my situation and was eager to help me find something according to my needs.

Vlad, Bloomberg

Like you read my mind!!! I needed a SIM, I was just about to buy it, but you surprised me big time. And always, wherever I travel, wherever I am, I read and check Lonely Planet. You really nailed it!

Janez, Torry Harris

The transition between jobs is always stressful, and can frequently put a strain on finances. This service helps alleviate that.

Lee, Microsoft

I think everything relevant is on the webpage or was mentioned during the call.

Teemu, Bloomberg
Contact Benivo

Your website gives detailed information and good tips

Borja, Google

The "PayLater" is a very useful option for those who move every six months and will often find their leases overlapping.

John, Taylor Wimpey

I really loved the SIM card and bus schedule! The tea was a lovely touch as well.

Alyssa, Microsoft

I understand how much to spend on rent, and the areas in London which are closest to where I will be working.

Keeran, G-Research

You were always in touch with me. And I even got a great welcome pack

Janez, Torry Harris
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