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Because experience matters.

The period between accepting your offer to day 1 on the job is critical for employees relocating to start work. Benivo enables you to standarise an outstanding experience without breaking the budget or giving extra work to your team.

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Improve Employee Experience

Employees who feel welcome are more engaged, more productive and place more value in your employer brand. 

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By using Benivo, our interns feel welcome and prepared and are able to be productive from the start.

Sarah Nightingale, Operations Manager, Microsoft
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Save Time.

Your HR and recruitment teams do not have time for adhoc Q&A about moving to town. They also might not be well informed to advise. Decision making support provided by Benivo frees your existing team, delivering consistency across the organisation and a professional experience -- driven by your employer brand. 

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Save Money.

Unsupported relocations carry hidden, hard cost in lost productivity. If your employees are moving, or helping someone else move, they are not working. Financial support alone does not solve the problem. Benivo gives you an affordable, flat-fee service option starting from 90% less than the market alternatives.

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Curious how Benivo works with large organisations?

We customise to your objectives. Some common objectives include improving experience, improving engagement, increasing retention and reducing short-term attrition.

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