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With Benivo, you can...

Improve employee experience by >50%. Save hours of time for your HR & Recruitment teams, and up to $8k in lost productivity for new hires. 

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Improve Employee Experience

Employees who feel welcome are more engaged, more productive and place more value in your employer brand. 

Read more about why employees love Benivo and why investing in the welcome experience for your relocating early careers recruits is worth it

The things included were very Vodafone style. I felt more committed with the company.

Maria, Vodafone Group, Moved to Newbury, UK

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Save Time.

Your HR and Recruitment teams do not have time to answer questions about relocating to town. They can also earn back valuable time by offloading processes. 

Benivo frees your team, delivers consistency across the organisation and a professional experience -- all under your employer brand. 

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Benivo helped me settle moving from Paris to London and it let me save lot of time.

Younes I, Bloomberg, Moved to London, UK
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Save Money.

Poor pre-boarding, welcoming and onboarding experiences damage employer brand. Poorly supported relocations can cost $8k per employee from lost productivity. Benivo is an affordable solution to protect your employer brand, mitigate against turnover, and make your employees happy. 

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The service removed a lot of the stress of moving from another country and was quick to respond to my questions.

- Jenna V, Bloomberg, Moved to London, UK

How does it work?

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