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Part Two: Technology Fireside with Wes Okumura & Eric Halverson



 Show Notes - April 28th 2021

Benivo Bites this week was dedicated to a continuation of our dicussion about the future of tech in Global Mobility in a fireside chat format with Benivo Strategy Council members:

  • Eric Halverson, former Director of HR Global Mobility at eBay
  • Wes Okumura, former EY People Advisory Services Leader
  • Nitzan Yudan, CEO at Benivo
  • Brian Friedman, Strategy Director at Benivo
Watch the full video for Wes and Eric's insights into:
  • The importance of scalability
  • Need to improve operational efficiency 
  • Cost management
  • Managing and integrating the entire mobility eco-system
  • Challenges of managing new mobility populations
  • Need to be a proactive advisor to the business
  • Changing attitudes towards self-service
  • Changing role of the GM Manager

Immigration Update 

By Julia Onslow-Cole at Fragomen

1. There is a dramatic surge in COVID cases in India . On Monday 26th April 350,000 new cases were reported which is the world record for one country in a single day ; the figure could be higher. 
2. There are lock downs all over India but implemented at a State level. There is a full lock down in Delhi but other states have curfews at night or at weekends. Everything depends on the level of infection in the State. 
3. Currently India is open to eligible overseas nationals but commercial flights are suspended until 30th April and this suspension is likely to continue in May. 
4. The Bilateral Air Bubbles that India had agreed with other countries are being suspended. Out of 27 agreements , 12 have seen restrictions imposed. 
5. The Vande Bharat Mission ( VBM ) which is run by Air India and was first launched on May 6 2020 as an evacuation program for Indian citizens stranded outside India is being used by people who wish to travel to India. 
6. The UK has placed India on its Red List. 
7. Indian Consular Services are still operating , subject to COVID restrictions. Global Mobility Leaders are strongly advised to ensure people that are moving to India become “ travel ready “ . There is likely to be a surge in people applying for appointments when the situation in India improves. There is a significant volume of hiring in India, particularly in the IT sector , at the current Tim. 
8. Indian outbound services are being affected by the reduced operation of the various consuls.
9. Indian citizens who were unsuccessful in the H1B lottery who may not wish to go back to India when their OPT status expires and are not being moved to Canada or the UK could try and convert their status to visitor by making a timely application. This will give them time to sort out their affairs while the application is pending. The application will likely fail.