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Benivo Mobility Management Platform Release Part 2



Show Notes 

On this episode of Benivo Bites, Nitzan and Brian picked up on part 2 of the demo of the new Benivo mobility management platform, and discussed the benefits of new technology for both mobility teams, relocating employees, HRBPs and vendors. 

What does Benivo mean by “unlocking big data” to transform Mobility?

Benivo’s technology allows mobility teams to utilize or “unlock” data to its fullest capacity to make their programs more efficient and create a better experience for their employees.

In order to be strategic in mobility, you must make better usage of data.  There is so much time wasted by mobility managers chasing to get data, then validating the data, that it leaves insufficient time to actually put that data to use. As Nitzan says, we should use data to identify issues before they become escalations, becoming proactive rather than reactive. For most corporates this is a recurring challenge.  Using the platform allows mobility managers to have all the data in their control and unlock significant value.

The need for the platform itself was inspired by Benivo clients seeking technology tools to do more. Most companies were still managing via spreadsheets, organising data from multiple supplier sources and vendors, encountering delays and validation issues.  The platform changed this by giving instant access to all data to both companies and vendors in one single, integrated platform that their mobility teams and employees could use to facilitate each aspect of each move including payroll, budget management, progress tracking, document management, employee initiations, move management, destination services, home search, exceptions, service status live alerts, and more. 

Benefits of Benivo’s Mobility Management Platform


  • A single unified platform for both mobility managers and employees.
  • Offers real-time monitoring, reporting, and status alerts.
  • Seamless and free integration with vendors and many HR systems.
  • Provides document management and storage.
  • Eliminates data duplication with auto-magic forms - enter employee data once and it auto populates across the platform where necessary.


  • Enables strategic use of big data to be proactive instead of reactive, including predictive analytic capabilities.
  • Mobility teams are in control of their data.


  • No implementation or API costs.
  • GDPR compliant.
  • Can be fully customized, integrated and implemented in days, not months.
  • On the go, mobile relocation management for employees.

The platform can be used for all relocation policies.  It is a corporate tool to streamline in-house relocation programs or coordinate/integrate with their RMC and other providers.  

It’s no doubt that mobility professionals will become busier as we dive deeper into 2021 and we return to something resembling the pre-pandemic days. With the gradual increase in relocations it will be essential for Mobility Managers to become more time and process efficient and better use technology to meet the moment.   

Learn more about Benivo's solutions by scheduling a demo with the team here: https://www.benivo.com/contact

Immigration Update 

By Julia Onslow-Cole at Fragomen

  1. Global mobility leaders are facing a number of immigration related challenges post the pandemic. In particular there are compliance and risk management issues to address and also there is a focus on assignee experience.
  2. As Governments around the world have increased the digitization of their systems and increased sharing of data between Government departments, it is essential that policies are in place to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the data that is being given to Governments in the course of all types of mobility matters.
  3. There have been a number of concessions given to assignees during the pandemic particularly around the verification of information supplied. Again, policies should be in place to ensure that information is verified. 
  4. All organizations need to refresh their crisis management policies post the pandemic.
  5. To enhance assignee experience it is important to ensure that systems are in place so that assignees are only asked once for the same document, that they are fully advised on health and safety travel measures and that they are aware of new immigration policies which are now in place to enhance their immigration status.