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Benivo Mobility Management Platform Release Part 1



 Show Notes 

On this episode of Benivo Bites, Nitzan, Brian and Michelle share some of the highlights of Benivo new mobility management platform including live dashboards, progress trackers, document management, real time alerts, vendor management, cost analysis, and talent management.

Why did Benivo add a mobility management platform for Global Mobility teams?

The creation of the new platform feature set started with the needs of Benivo’s clients who loved the platform for their employees and wanted a platform that could also handle payroll reporting, vendor initiation, record management, among other functions they needed for managing mobile employee populations.  Getting more requests spurred the idea to create the mobility management side of Benivo’s platform to mirror the employee experience and, as Nitzan puts it, add more value at the same price.

What is special about Benivo’s Mobility Management system? 

  • Mobility Managers are in control of their data
  • There are no implementation or API costs
  • The platform is customized, integrated and implemented in days, not months
  • It reduces data duplication
  • The platform provides real-time monitoring and alerts 
  • It enables strategic use of big data to be proactive instead of reactive, including predictive analytic capabilities
  • Easy integration with many HR systems

As Brian points out, mobility professionals will be busier than ever in the year to come as many moves that were put on hold last year will resume and with this comes the need for Mobility Managers to become more time and process efficient and practice better usage of technology.  To make it as easy as possible to get started and embed the platform, there are no added fees like implementation, API or maintenance fees as all costs are included in the standard employee license fee.   

Benivo Strategy Council Member Michelle Durkin shared that in her corporate career one of her primary concerns was lack of access and ownership of data.  She saw too much relying on other vendors to manage and report the data and experienced too much information coming from various sources to create one report.  With the Benivo system, global mobility professionals have the ability to integrate all service providers’ information into one analytics engine, available anytime in real time and with fully customizable reporting.. 

With regards to reporting, Michelle reflected that in her career experience standard common mobility reports need to change based on frequently changing requests by the business. With a platform solution, changing those reports at a moment's notice is easily done by the Mobility Manager without the need to go to the service providers to update the information. As Michelle points out, the way to make mobility relevant is with data and leading with data and any Mobility Manager can be more strategic by delivering insights, analysis and predictions.. 

This week, Nitzan focused on the mobility manager experience.  On the next Benivo Bites on April 3rd, Nitzan and the team will have a part 2 of this week’s episode and dive into the experiences for HRBPs, vendors and employees when the full management tool set is in use. 

Learn more about Benivo's solutions by scheduling a demo with the team here: https://www.benivo.com/contact

The Immigration Update

By Julia Onslow-Cole at Fragomen

1. Whilst many countries are putting in measures to restrict immigration several are trying to attract tech talent. 
2. Singapore has launched a TechPass which came into force on 1st January 2021 and is aimed at “tech titans”. There are 500 places for those that have 5 years experience in a prescribed leading tech company and have had the same amount of years experience with a leading role in the development of a tech product.
3. Israel, the UK, and Australia are also keen to attract tech talent and have bespoke routes available.