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Relocation Features

Branded employee platform

Your new employees will register through the employee platform that is customised to your company. 

  • Customised to your company and content
  • Enriched with quotes and data from your employees
  • Add the GoPremium feature to give the platform the look and feel of your company

Benivo branded platform


Welcome Pack

Every employee receives a Welcome Pack from us delivered to their new address and waiting for them on their arrival. You can even have the entire Welcome Pack branded with your company's colours and fonts (please check additional pricing). Included in the Welcome Pack are among others:

  • A city guide
  • SIM card
  • Any other items you'd like us to include



Rental advice and accommodation support

When your employees move to a new location, they might not know what to expect in terms of rent prices, which areas are suitable for their needs and what the processes are for renting. We educate them on all these points and suggest a number of properties based on their preferences for them to book.

  • We educate your employees on rent prices and areas to live
  • PayLater Rent enables your employees to protect their cash flow
  • We help them find their ideal property anywhere on the market


Premium features


Welcome Pack Customisation

Have the Welcome Pack for your employees customised with your brand colours, fonts and look.

PayLater Deposit

PayLater Deposit

Ease your employees' financial burden in their first month. Deposits are paid in three monthly instalments so your employees don't have to pay everything upfront.


Visa Application Management

Hiring from outside the EU? We will take care of the entire Visa application and process.


School Advice Consultation

Are your new hires moving with their family? We'll provide them with detailed information about the school system in their new home, what to expect for their kids and which schools are the best in their area.


Get in touch for an exhaustive list of features