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The giveaway is now closed.


What is happening?

10 companies will each win £10,000 worth of Benivo services at the end of September. The winners will be selected in a draw. 


Who is eligible?

Companies with employees who relocate to start work. (We typically work with the Fortune 1000.)


I am a Benivo client, am I eligible? 

Yes, existing clients are eligible. If you are an existing client and you win, redemption of the £10,000 in services must be applied to expand your service. Winnings may not be applied to pay for existing service. Contact us to discuss specific scenarios. 


When is this happening?

Giveaway registration is open now. The draw will take place at 3pm British Standard Time, Friday 29 September 2017. Winners will be announced on the day. 


What are the terms? 

Winners of the draw must opt-in to five terms to redeem £10,000 in Benivo services.

1) Service Success Metrics must be set, approved and reported to decision makers. 

2) Implementation of three Benivo features is required:

  • Social Insights
  • PayLater Financing
  • Employer Content Customisations

3) A use case study will be produced for Benivo.com.

4) Implementation must start by November 1st 2017.

5) Services must be redeemed within 6 months.

Contact us to ask questions. 


If I win, am I required to buy anything? 

No, it is not an obligation or condition of the draw. Our view is that if the implementation is successful, then we can discuss continuing.   


I have questions, who do I contact? 

Contact us here for any questions.


How do I register? 

Complete the form below! Good luck. 


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