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The View From The Top Live with Nitzan Yudan

With Nitzan Yudan, CEO at Benivo

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We are excited to announce a new chapter for the company and introduce the New Benivo - a single product with many use cases to save costs and improve employee experience. Benivo pioneered Digital Destinations and is now further upgrading platform capabilities with end-to-end mobility support for employees.

This session Nitzan will introduce more details about the new product, discuss simple use cases, and provide a peek at our plans in the coming future for the 3 areas where Benivo is focused on adding value:

  • Digital Destinations
  • A streamlined mobility experience
  • Finance solutions

We hope you'll be able to join us at the beginning of a very exciting next chapter!

11am EST, 4pm BST, 8:30pm IST
June 4, 2020

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