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Live with Nitzan Yudan

by Brian Friedman & Nitzan Yudan

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Benivo is pleased to announce the launch of our pro-bono support tool for all assignees, mobility managers and all of the vendors supporting them. This product is completely free of charge and offers employers critical support while navigating through the COVID-19 challenges. It also puts the Benivo team at your disposal to help solve your unique challenges even if not included in our initial release. 

If you would like to use our COVID-19 Support tool in your organization we commit to having it up and running within three (yes three!) working days - at no cost to you.  

Our Covid 19 Support tool utilises our technology platform to allow employees learn from each other and from experts as they manage their own assignments during the current crisis. From questions like "which local shops in my neighbourhood deliver groceries" to "how can I extend my visa" or "how can I best work remotely with kids at my feet!" this tool allows assignees to share experience and help each other.

Our livecast will both demo the platform and allow you to make any suggestions to improve it.

4pm UK, 11am EST, 8:30 PM IST
April 7, 2020
LinkedIn Live

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