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Live with Pankaj Bhatia, Praveen Hebbale and Nandu Kirupanandam

with Pankaj Bhatia (Benivo), Brian Friedman (Benivo), Praveen Hebbale (CGI) and Nandu Kirupanandam (Atkins Global)

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Our LinkedIn Live Session #2 covering challenges for Indian Global Mobility professionals will touch on Immigration, Quarantine, Communication Strategies, Employee Support options and more. We'll deep dive into:

  • Inbounds-visa expiring
  • Family members wanting to come to India
  • Employee outside India wanting to come back to India
  • Outbounds-employee outside India wanting to come back
  • Family wanting to come back
  • Visa expiring
  • What happens in Quarantine situation-what to expect/not expect-both in situations of self-quarantine/Govt quarantine
  • What is happening in each of the host countries and how is it impacting employees
  • Domestic travel restrictions
  • What are each of the different airports doing -they are following different approaches based on guidelines being issued by different States
  • Organization communication
  • US consulate /others cancelling the visa interviews -some of which were scheduled weeks/months ago
  • What communications being made by local authorities
  • Status on Malls, restaurants
  • Policies on work from home
1:30 pm IST
April 15, 2020

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