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The View From The Top Live with Brian Friedman

with Brian Friedman, Strategy Director at Benivo, and special guests

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Coronavirus - What are the implications for Global Mobility.

Join Brian Friedman for a special edition of The View from the Top - broadcast Live on LinkedIn where we will discuss the impact of Coronavirus on Global Mobility. On the live show you can participate!

How have you been affected ? Are you in lockdown ? Have you been tested or diagnosed? Has your organisation banned business travel or attendance at events ? How are your assignees coping ? What are the visa implications of overstaying due to lockdown? What are the tax consequences of overstaying (or repatriating)?

Please join the big Coronavirus discussion this Friday March 13th on Linkedin at 4pm UK, 12 noon Eastern. Get your calendar invite below.

4pm GMT / 12pm EST
March 13, 2020

Linkedin Live

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