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Digital Breakfast USA & Canada

For Campus Recruitment and Early Careers Leaders 

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Digital Breakfast? Yes, you read correctly. Get complimentary breakfast sent to your desk while attending the workshop and networking with your campus recruitment and early careers peers in this unique format.

In this series so far we have hosted the likes of Google, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, BP, Aon, Commerzbank, Bristol-Myers Squibb, HSBC, Gartner, Savills, Bloomberg, FDM Group, TUI and more. Join our expanding network of early careers talent professionals.

Key Topics that will be covered in the workshop are

  • Engaging candidates throughout extended recruitment cycles
  • Maintaining consistency across globally dispersed locations
  • Managing expectations around workplace and location
  • Defending against competing offers
  • Attracting and retaining top talent
April 11, 2019

Online Event

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Short intro from Benivo
Group Introductions & Guided Workshop
Closing thoughts & adjourn